Day 14.5: Mt. San [ha-SEEN-toh]

After a few hours of resupplying in Idyllwild, we got back to the PCT. The trail climbs high up towards Mt. San Jacinto, one of the taller mountains in the Southern California ranges. When we reached the halfway point, we were already trekking through snow. This would be our first taste of the snow that is to come in the Sierra, even if only a little taste. We reached the top about an hour before sunset, just enough time to snap a few pics and hang out and cook dinner before dark. On top of Jacinto lays an old rock hut, which I believe is used for park search and rescue Rangers and was erected in 1939. Inside the hut is two bunk beds, an old cement-filled fireplace and mantle, and a few windows. The perfect place to crash for the night. It got rather cold on this evening, so it was a good thing we all were prepared to handle the cold. We cooked our Ramen and quickly called it a night.

1024px-Hut_on_Mount_San_JacintoSAN JACINTO

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