Day 6: Scissors Crossing

It was Saturday, the air was cool, and Kelsey and I decided it was a perfect day to take our time getting back down to the trail. We wandered around the small town of Julian visiting all the PCT-friendly shops, including a pie shop that had a free slice and coffee for each and every hiker that walked inside. It wasn’t until about 5 pm when we finally decided to grab a hitch back down to the trail. A local Julian waitress was busy all day shuttling hikers to and from ‘Carmen’s’ restaurant, and after a few trips down she came for us. I was so anxious to get back, the time away seemed to drag..and my heart beat with desire to get more miles under my belt. We arrived to Scissor’s Crossing and walked up to about 35 hikers all hanging out under the bridge, drinking Coors and having a great time. Kelsey and I having just enjoyed ourselves fully in Julian weren’t about that life . . it was time to get moving!

We started up in the evening light, climbing high into the desert mountains. This was a planned night hike, and we were extremely excited to hike in the cool temps. After about a 600 foot climb, we came across a fellow hiker named Ryan. We didn’t know it at the time but he would become a good friend to both Kelsey and myself. We carried on through the evening and into the night together, with our headlamps lighting our paths. We only made it 9 miles that night, but we ended up finding a great campsite with a 360 degree view of the stars. Normally I wouldn’t make this a note-worthy event, but tonight was different. Tonight there was a meteor shower that peaked around 11pm. We stayed up til midnight sharing stories of our past, mostly about the paranormal or alien encounters we all promised had happened . .

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