Day 7: 100 Miles

Although the stars were gone, we still awoke to the amazing 360 degree view. Ryan had left early and was already gone by the time we unzipped our tents. Kelsey and I aren’t the extremely early risers that most people are like out on the trail. We would rather wake up when it feels right, to not have a strict agenda. Agenda’s usually go out the window when you realize that this trail doesn’t allow plans to follow through anyways. Things happen, people get hurt, you speed up and slow down all the time . . so don’t bother with keeping an itinerary.

We walked the five miles needed to make it to a water-cache and decided to hang out there and hydrate as best possible. The next 12 miles started with an 1,100 foot climb and a smooth descent down the crest leading up to the 100 mile marker! At mile 101 there was a small gathering of “hiker-trash” surrounding an ice chest of a few beers, a box of wine and a jar of pickles. It’s amazing how such simple things can make you so damn happy when you live off of basic essentials. After a few laughs with new friends, we pitched our tents away from others and called it a night.


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