Day 8: Somewhat Homeless Looking Kid

Heading out in the morning the landscape quickly turned to what felt like a scene from ‘Little House on the Prairie’, the tall wavy grass flowed over the hillsides and oak trees gave way for some shade through the early morning sun. We were constantly taken aback by the beauty of this new scene, and we stopped often during that morning’s stretch to take out the GoPro’s and film. The trail leads up to Eagle Rock which basically is explained by its name, it is a rock that looks like an eagle . . go figure. We carried on, and the trail led us right into the town of Warner Springs. Warner Springs is a small town in the hills, that can’t have more than 1,500 residents. We very quickly found a ride to the Post Office, relieving us from the 1 mile road walk it would’ve taken. To you this might seem ridiculous, that we would not opt for the one mile walk into town after walking 110 miles, but to us it seemed to be the only clear choice. Arriving at the Post Office we grabbed our boxes that we had mailed to ourselves prior to starting the trail. Inside my box were a lot of things, mostly things that I had already learned weren’t worth keeping. One of these items was a two-pound bag of trail mix. 2 pounds. 2. In the trash you go, I thought, just as a lady walked up. I asked her if she might want the trail mix, guaranteeing her that the bag was untouched. She looked at me, the bag, back to me, then the bag once more . . I could see her dilemma as it was written all over her face. This somewhat homeless looking kid was offering her something she’d normally accept, but after a few moments she smiled and took the bag.

After the Post Office, we went to a golf course bar and grill where we feasted on burgers and a few beers. We entered the evening full and happy, and still not wanting to camp with large crowds of hikers we left Warner Springs to continue venturing outward, and after only about 1.5 miles we found an amazing camp site that came equipped with a tire swing and picnic table. Our evenings oasis.DCIM100GOPRO

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