Day 15: Down Goes Kelsey

We woke up to a spectacular view of the sun rising over Palm Springs, the wind turbines looking like tiny little fans scattered all over the desert hills below. We ate breakfast, but this morning we decided it was best to take our time.DCIM100GOPRO


After a relaxing get-up-and-go, we headed down the mountain. The San Jacinto peak trail curves back around the other side of the mountain, towards Fuller Ridge. The majority of this section of trail was completely covered in snow, so staying on path meant taking it slow, and correcting course when we got a bit off. We made it a few miles down when all of a sudden I heard a “OHHHH” from behind. I quickly turned my head to just barely in time to catch the sight of Kelsey flipping head over heels, off the side of the trail, out of sight. I dropped my pack, ran over and looked down hoping to not see the edge go too steep, and saw Kelsey laying about fifteen feet below in a bush. She had fallen the first twelve of those fifteen feet through large rocks, cutting herself deeply on her knees and hands, and had abrasions all up and down her legs and sides. More than anything it scared her, the searing pain would eventually subside but the memory of falling would have a more lasting effect. Her worst fear almost came to fruition, which is getting hurt enough to end her trip . . or even worse. We hung out for a while and decided moving on was in all of our best interests.

k fall

(Picture does not do the fall justice)

The rest of the day we traveled across Fuller Ridge, which was being proclaimed as impassable as recent as two weeks prior, but now was only slightly slick with snow. Kelsey must have dug deep for the post noon twelve miles, because we went quite a ways on variable terrain after she took that tumble. We found a great campsite with an established fire pit, a table and some logs for benches. Not much more we would’ve asked for, other than a thirty pack of ice-cold beer and some In N Out . . but that might come sooner than we all thought . .DCIM100GOPRO

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