Day 17: The Amazing Whitewater Preserve

By the time I first opened my eyes it was already eighty degrees out, and by the time my pack was ready to go it had climbed ten more. I woke up far later than I had planned for, due to my previous nights foolish celebration with Bud Lights and In N Out. What lay ahead of me for this day was an ascending desert floor, which led up to some pretty high desert mountain climbs. By 11 am the day was pushing one hundred degrees, and I became legitimately concerned about my level of hydration. It seemed as though I couldn’t drink enough water to counteract the sweat that was leaving my body. But, like most pains and hardships in life, I got through it. By noon I had made it to my oasis, the Whitewater Preserve. If you haven’t visited this place I highly recommend making the drive out to see this one-of-a-kind beauty. I drank multiple liters of water and took a nap under a canopy of cedar trees, feeling once again healthy and at peace. I recall seeing planes flying off in the distance, a small reminder of society that exists beyond the forest lines. After a long mid-day siesta I continued on for another eight or so miles, climbing into the San Gorgonio wilderness. I made camp at a small creek crossing, cooked my Ramen with tuna and hot sauce, and called it a night.

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