Day 24: Bark at the Moon

I woke up around 7 am, packed up my camp and waked about forty feet to a nearby creek to fill up for the mornings trek. When I reached the creek I saw my good buddy Ryan, which was a morale booster for me at that point. We decided to hike out together and head for the next water source which was 13.6 miles away. When we reached the creek we were pleased that there was many trees providing shade, so we stayed there for a few hours resting our feet and replenishing our thirsty bodies. That afternoon we hiked nine more miles to the first natural hot spring along the trail, and it just so happened to be a full moon on this night. The springs were filled with people from Southern California who were seeking out a party, exactly the opposite of what I was looking for. I crawled into my tent around 8 pm, but was kept up til the early hours of the morning the next day by young kids dabbling in hard drugs, howling at the full moon every chance they got. The next morning when I awoke I crawled out of my tent to see the aftermath of what took place just hours previous. Kids and adults alike were scattered about the desert floor, looking like they’ve been rode hard and NOT hung up to dry, but left laying half-alive in the dirt. I was very tempted to let out a very loud howl, to give them a taste of their own medicine, and I kick myself still for not doing it.

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