Day 32: Spirit Wolf

After I said my goodbye’s in the morning with the trail crew, I headed out continuing to climb upwards. After only about five or so miles I ran into Kelsey and a bunch of fellow hikers who were all standing around with a forest ranger . . something seemed to have happened. Apparently the night before Kelsey had an encounter with a mountain lion, who had walked up to her tent and continued to circle the site where she was staying. She was shook, she felt as though the cat was really after either her, her food, or both. The forest ranger, named Spirit Wolf, comes from native ancestry and spoke of truly native ideals. His words were simple, yet powerful. He told Kelsey that the lion wished to visit with her, that its visit wasn’t meant for harm, but to serve as a warning to be safe . . as well as to tell her to spread the word of treating this sacred land with respect. Spirit Wolf was on whole ‘nother level, to say the least, and I was envious of his connection with this Earth we are all so very privileged to live on.

Coming into Wrightwood we crossed over Mountain High Ski Resort, and was able to snap a few pictures on a chair lift. It was cool being where I first learned to ski with my Father, this time on a completely different trip. We grabbed a few supplies, and headed back out to the trail to camp. Waking up on the trail makes for a quick get-up-and-go in the morning, compared to waking up in town. Plus, beers on trail are MUCH cheaper than beers in town.

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