Day 33: Unexpected Zero

That next day Kelsey woke up feeling extremely ill, not being able to keep down water or food. We hiked for only a mile, stopping at the Grassy Hollow Visiting Center. We decided that it was best to head back into town, to get some food and see if she couldn’t start to feel a little better before hiking big days again. We grabbed some food, walked around for a while and it wasn’t too much longer after when we met a woman, Sheryl. Sheryl was co-owner of Wrightwood Recycling, and we hit it off from the beginning. After a few minutes of chatting, she offered for Kelsey and I to stay at their home just a few blocks up from their business. Her husband, Chuck, was equally as amazing and they both opened up not only their house, but their lives as well. Their story is as follows:

Chuck and Sheryl have been lifelong friends, growing up in the hills outside of Los Angeles. Their mothers were best of friends, making the children from both families extremely close. Chuck loved Sheryl from a very young age, and would tell her often of his plans to marry her one day. But, as life moved forward their lives grew apart and Chuck found himself with another woman he ‘thought’ he loved and he had lost contact with Sheryl entirely. Chuck was a drummer for the then extremely popular band, “Virgin”. Virgin was pretty much the first boy band ever assembled, and Chuck played the drums. He told stories of run-ins with legends like Neil Young, John Bonham, and many more. After many years, Chuck found himself down and out, single and barely clinging onto the desire to go on. The only thing that kept him moving on was his burning urgency to reconnect with Sheryl, but there was one problem: he had no clue where she was . . he just knew she was single and he had to find her. Having almost run out of all resources, he was urged by his mother to check Facebook. Of all places to look he laughed at the possibility, but reluctantly he agreed. No more than five minutes later he was chatting with the love of his life, and arranging for a meetup. The rest is history, and the love between these two people is simply beautiful. Cheers to you both.

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