Days 27-30: Zeros in Rancho

Day 27 started with breakfast at my good friends Jake and Crystar’s new apartment. Driving back from El Segundo to Rancho I caught a glimpse of the San Gabriel’s heading on the 210 East, having seen this view a thousand times prior I still thought that I was looking at something new. Knowing that I would soon be traveling the full distance through this range made the peaks seem to stand taller, more broad than ever before.

In the evening I went to my Sister and Brother-In-Law’s place for a pre-Mother’s Day celebration. They had quite the spread of food, along with a nice variety of beer . . I was a happy camper to say the least. Later that night I visited with my best bud’s parents, Linda and Al Prish. They were eager to hear some stories from the first 342 miles, and I was extremely excited to see them as well! They are such great people

Day 28 was Mother’s Day, and was spent it in Newport Beach at my Cousin Steph and Jake’s place. They have a lovely little home, nearby the Corona Newport Coast. I enjoyed telling stories from my journey thus far, and hearing how everyone’s lives are going back in the ‘real world’. Later that day I picked up a fellow PCT’er who had made it to the Cajon Pass, Kelsey. I brought her back to my Mom’s place in Rancho where we BBQ’d and hung out around a fire.

On day 29 I was set up for an appointment with a family friend, Jeff Bekendam from TEAM PHYSICAL THERAPY. My IT band was a huge concern moving on from here and being able to see a professional made me feel confident once again. They taught me a wide range of stretches as well as what shoes I should be wearing, and I was on my way. First stop was the running shoe store where I purchased a new pair of New Balances, the 1260’s. These shoes are supposed to ‘motion controlling’, which doesn’t allow for me to pronate. The apparent reason for my IT band inflammation is that when I pronate (walk or run with most of the weight on the inside edge of the feet), the IT band stretches more than it should and over time this can cause it to be very painful.

Day 30 came quickly, and I was still behind on everything I felt that I needed to catch up on so I decided to take one last day to finalize everything in my life before heading back to the trail. It was a good thing, I wasn’t ready mentally to head back out yet. I also got to enjoy dinner with my Mom, and watch my little sister at her volleyball practice.

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