Day 35: Wildcard

Every now and then you come across a human being that makes you cringe, a person that makes you so uncomfortable you feel like running the opposite direction in which they are heading. Wildcard is that person, undeniably.

Wildcard claimed to be a thru-hiker, and when I first met him I thought he was an o.k. guy. But then five minutes passed, and I knew that something wasn’t quite right. Maybe it was his flamboyant stories of being an ex-Coyote who would smuggle people across the Mexican border, or his wildly exaggerated stories of being a semi-pro boxer, or his days . . years rather, of methamphetamine/heroin use. Pretty shocking stuff coming from a guy I’ve only known for fifteen minutes. Just my luck though, he seemed to always be near, that entire day. The day that seemed to last a week.

Kelsey and I hiked a five-mile road alternate because of an Endangered Species closure, some Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog that gets that whole stretch of trail to its greedy little yellow self. All the meanwhile, Wildcard was near. We ended up at a campground where a really cool guy named Ron offered us some beers and a place to crash for the night. I won’t go into too much specifics about the night, and how uncomfortable it became hanging out with Wildcard but I will say that I was ready to leave, so . . incredibly . . ready . . to leave.

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