Day 36: The Trail Provides

Earlier than usual was the wake-up call for today, all on account of me wanting to flee the scene and get a head start away from Wildcard. Kelsey, or Diggs as I should call her (trail name), took off scrambling up the mountain, every step feeling more distanced than the last. We passed another couple of rattlesnakes, found a random gym bag we hoped would be filled with unmarked Benjamin’s, and eventually made it to Sulphur Springs at mile 406.6. Our dreams were crushed when passing cars did just that, driving away and trampling our thoughts of an ice-cold beer or a sliced apple. At mile 413 Diggs and I came across a dirt road, almost out of water and feeling the effects of dehydration starting to set in. I made a joke to Kelsey saying about how great it would be if someone were to drive by and give us something to drink, the funny part being that the road looked as though nobody has driven on it in quite some time. We sat there for maybe a few more minutes when out in the distance we heard the faint sound of a motorized vehicle. Just our luck, a Ford Explorer drove by with an extremely friendly Asian man inside. He talked with us for about fifteen minutes, filled up our SmartWater¬†bottles and then drove off. THE TRAIL PROVIDES.

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