Day 37: I drink, Therefore I am.

Even with the gracious offering the night before, I awoke completely out of water, with a completely dry mouth. Worse than that I had a 1,200 foot/3 mile climb in the hot desert sun before I would be reaching any water. Such is life, I supposed and quickly packed up my stuff and hit the trail. The sooner I can reach the water before the sun gets any more overhead the better, I thought. I reached the water no more than an hour and twenty minutes later, and just my luck it was currently being swarmed by a hundred or so bees. Didn’t matter though, I was going to get mine!

Later that day Diggs and I stopped at Mill Creek Fire Station, mile 418.6. There is a spigot on the side of the building that they allow PCT hikers to fill up. The rangers at this particular station weren’t the most friendly, eventually asking us to leave and to stop loitering. The nerve!

There was one final climb before the day’s end, and we found a site just before it was completely dark. I ate a whole lot of food, and took a look at my maps and realized I was only 27 miles out from Agua Dulce! This was a pleasant surprise, for my next beer was just out of arms reach.

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