Day 38: Station Fire

We had camped right nearby a road that if walked on for about a half mile you would find an old burned down prison that sat in the San Gabriel hills. We decided the mile detour was well worth our efforts, to not only pay respects for the two firefighters who lost their lives battling that fire but to see what kind of carnage a fire is capable of. This was a unique little prison, equipped with a handball court, a basketball hoop, and 360 degree views of all surrounding mountains. There also is a monument built for the deceased, so Diggs and I took our time writing something thoughtful in the register.

We eventually made it to mile 436.1 where we would come across a much more hiker-friendly Ranger station, the North Fork Ranger Station. These lovely people decided to put out a cooler full of cold sodas and snacks and were asking for a dollar donation per item taken out. This was a true blessing, and I think I had about four sodas that lunch. Its funny, in my “past life” I never drink soda, but out here I sometimes will have the most bizarre craving for it. Besides, walking 20 plus miles per day allows you to eat/drink whatever/whenever you like.

We made it to a small town, Acton, and checked into a KOA Campground. After a small hitch into town we found a Mexican Restaurant called Don Chato’s. We had a few margaritas and filled our stomachs with many tacos. Life is good!

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