Day 40: 24-24-24

Attention!!! There is a challenge existing out there for any hiker thinking he or she is capable, but know that this challenge is not for the faint of heart.

Twenty-four miles away from Hiker Heaven is a wonderful place called ‘Casa de Luna’, and some years back somebody got the great idea to drink twenty-four beers, in twenty-four hours while completely the twenty-four mile stretch to the next spot. I am glad that at my prime age of thirty I have grown, even in the slightest bit, to the point where that sounded terrible. Pretty sure twenty-three year old me would’ve been all over this, but not current me. Phew! Close call I thought as I watched as the twenty-something year old’s pack their bags to the brim with Bud Lights and stagger on down the trail.

Leaving that night we only did a few miles to get back onto trail, where we could wake up early in the morning and tackle the remaining twenty or so miles to Casa de Luna.

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