Day 46: Wee Ville

As I hiked down into the Mojave floor, I spoke with my Mom and little Sis for a while on the phone. I was very pleased to hear that Mackenzie had made the Junior Varsity volleyball team as an incoming freshman at Los Osos High School! It was a ten-mile descent to get to a place called Hikertown, CA. Hikertown is a unique place, to be pleasant about it . . but there was one too many rats for me to think about a sleepover here. I ran into some friends that I had made back at Casa de Luna, and they were heading a few miles down some road to a place called the Wee Ville Market. Lt. Dan, Rooster, Splinter, Long-Carry, Pistons, and Julia: good people and good times.

Wee Ville is a convenient store/grill with surprisingly good food. We convinced the store owner to open up her mobile home so we could watch Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and then had a few beers out back from the store to cap off the night.

The whole gang. From left to right: Catch Em, Diggs, blue shirt and black shirt I have no idea, Julia in pink, Anthony aka Long Carry in the dirt blue shirt up front, Buttstuff aka Jeremy, Splinter in blue, ME aka Butt’rs in green, Rooster with the hang loose, Lt. Dan in blue, Mark aka Pistons far right

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