Day 47: Night Hike the Aqueduct

At mile 523, you find yourself hiking directly along the Los Angeles Aqueduct. If you do this stretch mid-summer, you might want to wait til the latter hours of the day because it is guaranteed to be a hot one. We set out for the trail at 7pm, planning to hike until midnight or even later. But let me first rewind to earlier in the day when the youngest of the group previously mentioned, Splinter, decided she would now tackle the 24/24/24 challenge. Against everyone’s strong opinion NOT TO, she thought she could handle the scorching heat that was sure to hit her the next day. She’s the type that would be encouraged to do something if people tell her not to . . she’s good fun though.

Flash forward to her falling, blaming “that stupid two-inch ledge”, and passing out nearby the scene of the fall eight beers short, with fifteen miles to go, and just over a fourteen hours in the books. Nice try.


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