Day 49: Tehachapi

It was only a short ten-mile hike into the city of Tehachapi, and when we reached Willow Springs Road at mile 566.4 we were greeted by a trail angel that offered to drive us into town. She dropped us off at Primo Burgers, a place that offers large portion meals for cheap prices. My good friend Peter Carey took who works in the surrounding area as an archaeologist joined us for lunch. After he was done making fun of my apparently amusing stench in front of my new friends, we grabbed a beer at a brewery and played a few games of corn-hole. He dropped me off at the Tehachapi airport where they allow hikers to stay in a grassy area for a small 5 dollar per person fee, and later I met back up with my group at a bar/grill called Big Poppa’s.

A few drinks and a few hours later I thought that I could leave my phone on the bar top and walk around, play a game of pool or two, and everything would be just fine. WRONG! Phone was stolen, I was pissed . . that’s pretty much the gist of it.

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