A Side Note: What’s Good

Sometimes it is difficult to make a day seem interesting when in reality it was everything but. This is one of those days. I hiked up, I hiked down . . I hiked all around. I drank water and ate food . . SO . . let’s talk about the food that I usually consume throughout a day.


I like to start off the day with some sort of protein. For a while I was buying the Protein Cliff Bars, which are actually better tasting than the regular Cliff Bars (not so great tasting). Mini muffins are great to start off the day or just regular old cereal works as well.


Tortillas wraps are the go-to out here. Usually I put a pouch of tuna inside with some cut cheese, pepperoni or some other smoked sausage is a great addition too. If there are chips I usually will throw some on top to get a little crunch, sounds strange but it’s not bad. Oh and hot sauce, on everything, always.


Ramen. All sorts of variations of Ramen noodles. Sometimes I throw in instant potatoes with my Ramen, sometimes I throw in Stove Top stuffing, other times drop a little couscous inside. You have to get clever or you will get sick of it!

Your standards of what you think is edible drop significantly out here, you are looking for calories and a lot of them! When you shop as a hiker it is the complete opposite than when you shop in your past life, you look for the most calories for your buck. Healthy foods are nice, but they usually are heavy and expensive. Think lightweight high calorie items and you got it.

2 thoughts on “A Side Note: What’s Good

  1. I’ve never met you but I’m addicted to your blog. Well, I sort of know you. Your mom was my son’s teacher at Day Creek Intermediate. Your sister is good friends with my niece, Ashley.

    Keep up the good work and much luck to you during your journey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Doug, sorry for the delay in postings . . I wanted to enjoy the trip as much as possible while I was out there! Feel free to follow the blog via email for further updates. I appreciate your support!


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