Day 53: Long Carry Calls It Quits

Miles 588.2 – 608.9

I had come to find out that my new friends were quite the early risers, which was somewhat new to me. At 5am, we set off for the day. To me it’s the beginning of the day that is the toughest part. Actually, it’s the first 30 minutes. Once my heart rate gets going then I’m good, but those first steps are always my most challenging. We had yet another long distance to the next water, which was at Robin Bird Spring – mile 602.1.

What I remember most about this break in time was that our good friend, Anthony aka Long Carry, had decided that he was done with his thru-hike. He had never truly planned to finish, and I believe that he had wished to be off trail for some time. Everyone was so bummed, I remember every single person in the group trying to wrap their heads around why he would want to call it quits, especially being so early into our hike. We each individually tried to talk him out of it to no avail. His mind was set.

About an hour later we started to pack up from the break, with one last fill up from the icy cold spring. We left Anthony there at that spot, hoping but not knowing if we’d ever see him again. We hiked another seven miles to Landers Meadow Spring at mile 608.9 where there were two outhouses and enough space to hold 200 hikers.

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