Day 54: A Man Amongst a Moon

Miles 608.9 – 630.8

Waking up in the southern Sequoia National Forest was such a nice change from what we had become accustomed to. Tall Sequoia’s, small creeks, and crisp cool mountain air-filled this section of trail that led us away from the desert for a very short period of time. Before we knew it we were back amongst the cacti and Joshua trees, no more lush coniferous trees in sight.

At mile 617.7 we came across a much-needed water-cache at Butterbredt Canyon Road. Even at an elevation of 4,544 ft we were extremely exposed to both the desert heat and high winds the day had to offer, but nobody seemed to care as we were able to rehydrate our bodies. Water is essential, to say the least. There we met a young man who’s name I’m drawing a blank, he was currently suffering from a bad case of Giardia. He said it took him two days to go fourteen miles, not being able to keep down water and running out of baby wipes and toilet paper over a day ago. We felt bad for the guy, and we gave him what we could.

Later that day at around mile 630, just as the sun was setting in the west a full moon was rising in the east. It was like something I had never seen before, watching it rise over the mountains looking bigger than I had ever remembered. Unreal. Letting my group gain a substantial lead ahead of me just at the end of the day wasn’t my plan, I just had no choice but to stop and watch this moonrise unfold. That night we camped in between a few dozen yuccas down an old dirt road in Bird Spring Pass to gain some shelter from the howling winds.

Sadly this is the best image of the moon, trust me it was AMAZING.
GoPro doing me dirty, but it was amazing

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