Day 56: Zero Day in Lake Isabella

Miles 651.3 – 651.3

What is there to say about Lake Isabella . . well, Lake Isabella is a beautiful area filled with many interesting characters, has a dumpy little town with not much to offer other than a Von’s Grocery and a Rite-Aid, and if you are going to be taking a hitch in or around the area my advice to you is to proceed with caution. Many scandalous hitchhiking stories have come out of this stretch of road, Highway 178.

We resupplied, and by the time we had finished our chores it was already getting late in the afternoon so we collectively decided that it was best to stay another night at the KOA. Have I told you about that bar they have there?

. .

12:30am ZzzZzzzzzZzzzz

feature_Lake Isabella - Kern River KOA_Pool
KOA just outside of Lake Isabella inside that A-Frame is a nice little bar

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