Day 57: Out of One’s Mind

Miles 651.3 – 663.8

I decided against the hitch on the second day going into Lake Isabella, and opted for the Kern Transit trolley. For two dollars you can safely take a peaceful ride into town, and to my surprise it was actually a really enjoyable ride. I just had to take care of ordering a new debit card from B of A and grab a few missed essentials from a nearby store. Once I was back at the KOA and the whole group was ready to get the hell outta Dodge, it was already 12:45pm. Not ideal, but usually it works that way . . especially when you are with a larger group – things tend to get delayed.

Our plan was to take that same trolley, this time head east and be dropped off back at Walker Pass, but when the small bus came and stopped for us we quickly realized that our ride was full to the brim with other hikers. The driver said to us in a twangy country voice “You can try to hop on, but I’ll doubt y’all fit.” There was no chance that we weren’t getting onto this damn bus I thought as we pushed our way on. This ride falls way up there as one of the worst on the entire Pacific Crest Trail. As if to say “I told you so,” the bus driver drove fast and stopped even faster, tossing us ‘standing members’ every which way. I think he was fed up with the hiker trash that fills up his trashy little town in those summer months.

Finally we made it back to Walker Pass, but where we were dropped off was about a mile north from where I had gotten off the trail to go into Lake Isabella. So, being that I had previously made a strong decision to be a “Purist,” I had to backtrack a mile and then hike back a mile. Oh well, to me it’s got to be every inch. I do hate that title though, “Purist.” So pompous sounding, let it be known that I am not a self-proclaimed “Purist.” Ok, enough on that.

From the HWY we hiked straight back up into the mountains with heavy packs filled to the brim with food. The next stop was fifty miles away: Kennedy Meadows, and we were all very excited to get to this landmark of a place on the PCT. We pushed on for only thirteen miles to arrive at Joshua Tree Spring at mile 663.8, where the source of water is believed to have traces of uranium. I know what you’re thinking, super powers, and yes . . that’s exactly what I gained by drinking water with silvery-white metal flakes out of this small mossy trough.

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