Day 61: Nero Day in Kennedy Meadows

Miles 702.2 – 704.6

Anthony woke me up early in the morning to say one last goodbye. The time had come for him to catch a hitch into Lone Pine, from there he would take a bus into Los Angeles. This early departure shook the group up quite a bit, his laid back attitude and intelligence would be missed. On top of Anthony’s exit from the PCT our other good friend Splinter decided to call it quits as well. Being from Nebraska she would have quite the journey to get home, not really having any plans on how she was going to manage that. Her reasons for getting off the trail were less mental, mainly that she was running low on money and she had two bum knees. Our trail family was shrinking, but we did gain one member that had finally caught back up, Diggs.

Every now and then an unplanned low mileage day occurs, for an array of unforseen reasons. Today was one of those days, where everything seemed to take longer. The temperature was also well in the 90’s, not ideal hiking weather by any means. We finally set off to hike at around 6:30pm for only 2.4 miles to Kennedy Meadows Camp, a nice campground with established fire pits and picnic tables. We weren’t alone at this site, it was Friday and the campground was filled up with weekend warriors all out having a good time.

Our first sight of a sign reading “Sierra”. This was exciting to see.

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