Day 62: Floatin the Kern

Miles 704.6 – 719.2

After seeing the sign reading “South Sierra Wilderness,” we all became extremely giddy knowing that we were about to get in some seriously beautiful areas. You follow Crag Creek for a few miles followed by a climb just to the west of Deer Mountain at mile 712.3 and once you get to the top of this particular climb you walk into the very first meadow of the Sierra.



At mile 716.5 you reach Kern River/Monache Meadow where the trail crosses over on a wooden bridge. When we arrived we saw some good friends, the SloBo’s and a few others! They were all in the river swimming and using their inflatable sleeping pad’s as rafts to float down the river, I couldn’t pass up a great time like this so I quickly busted out my pad and started walking up river. The water was cold but so worth it, I think I floated down the same two hundred yard stretch about five times.





That night we made it to mile 719.2, at Cow Creek & Tentsite. This evening would be our first taste of what the mosquitos could be like in the Sierra, we knew now that these skeeters were complete savages and would stop at nothing to get under our skin . .

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