Day 64: Chicken Spring Lake

Miles 734.4 – 750.8

Lt. Dan got a head start on the day, heading out maybe fifteen minutes before Rooster and myself, Pistons being shortly behind us. We didn’t realize that just seven tenths of a mile after where we had camped last night was a far greater spot with better views, oh well. At mile 736.4 we refilled our water supply for the day at a stream by an abandoned corral, a buggy little spot with very poor water flow.


At mile 745.3 you reach a crossroads in the trail, this was a point at which you could get off trail and have access to get down to the town of Lone Pine. Leaving Kennedy Meadows we planned for ten or so days worth of food, to get all the way from KM to Kearsarge Pass in order to get to the town of Bishop, so we kept on moving onward. We eventually stopped at Poison Meadow Spring for more water and a short pre-lunch break and it was there that I found a bunch of “Sierra Onions,” a tall leafy plant that doesn’t look like any onions you probably have ever seen, but having lived in Mammoth Lakes for seven years in my younger twenties I was well aware of their existence. I chopped a few of these bulb-less onions up, and I believe it was Rooster that was bold enough to give it a taste. We would be eating many more of these in the coming months.

Later in the day we stopped to eat right smack dab on the trail at a small stream crossing with an amazing view of Mt. Whitney. This was our first sight of the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States, such a crazy feeling knowing that we would be on the summit of this giant peak in just a few short days. The rest of the day was extremely enjoyable, crossing through another gorgeous meadow ultimately stopping at Chicken Spring Lake – mile 750.8. The lake sits at an elevation of 11,220 ft, and although there may have been signs saying “No Campfires above 10,000 ft,” we may or may not have still had one. One might argue that we are all going to hiker hell.


It was at this spot that Lt. Dan and I had realized we were running low on food, and that we still had three full days before getting off at Kearsarge Pass. It’s never fun when the supply starts to run low . .

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