Day 74: Back on Trail At Last!

Kearsarge Pass – Bullfrog Lake Junction

June 29th, 2017

That morning Lt. Dan, Rooster, and his then girlfriend – now fiancé – Molly picked Pistons and I up at the McGee Creek Lodge. We drove south on HWY 395 towards Independence, stopping off for breakfast in Bishop as well as a few last-minute errands. Next stop was the Kearsarge Pass Trailhead parking lot, where Molly and Rooster gave their final heartfelt goodbye’s.

It was already 2pm, so not even close to being an ideal start time . . especially since the initial steep climb up to the Pass faces the sun. Our packs were stuffed fully and it was a hot day climbing up out of the Owens Valley. We hiked an additional five miles back to Bullfrog Lake Junction where we ended up camping in the exact same spot that we had camped on Day 67.

Long icy walks

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