Day 80: Vermilion Valley Resort

If you’re looking for the most outrageously overpriced ‘town’ along the PCT, you would most definitely find it in VVR. Conveniently located along the PCT just south of Mammoth Lakes, these money-grubbing owners take full advantage of their location by price gouging every item they have for sale. Coming from the PCT you hike one mile westward on a side trail that takes you to a dock on Lake Edison, where you’ll find a ferry that comes twice per day to take hikers to their resort. The ferry alone costs $20. Once you’re there they’ll give you a complimentary beer, which is great, but that’s only to get you to buy further beers . . which after only one night you’ll find that you spent well into your life savings. The meals that they offer are $25-sad looking, tiny little plates of likely undercooked food. They will also allow hikers to work for free food, which sounds like a nice gesture until you realize that “Spirit Wolf” is your celebrity chef, which would be great if you were looking for an amazing dish of SpaghettiOs and hot dogs. On top of everything they keep everyone on a running tab throughout their time spent at VVR, so it’s only when you leave that you realize the damage done.


Vermilion Valley Resort

This little getaway in the town of Mono Hot Springs is a perfect resting point for hikers. Right on the lake, mixed in with the trees and away from society, everything but the price was ideal. I had a great time, I’m just glad I realized the trap that was set and decided to eat my usual meal of Ramen and tortillas for dinner. I did spend money, but on the necessities . . aka beer.

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