Day 81: Lake Virginia

Miles 878.7 – 891.4

July 6th, 2017

The previous nights debauchery filled with beers and good trail-talk led to a very slow-moving morning. We ate breakfast, drank coffee, and eventually loaded our belongings back onto the ferry literally just moments before it took off  for the ride back to trail. Overall Vermilion Valley Resort would remain as the most expensive spots to stop along the PCT, but a much-needed break for some trail-family R&R.

Once we got back to trail at mile 878 we would begin to climb; the next seven miles we would climb over three thousand feet. Not the steepest of climbs, but definitely not the easiest either; we crossed through rivers and waterfalls, hiked miles on snow and climbed over/under many fallen trees.

This water was COLD!!

At Silver Pass – 10,800 feet, we were met with extremely dark and ominous clouds just to the north of our position. We took a short break before hearing the first roar of thunder. Everybody looked at one another, and without saying a word we packed up our food and started moving again. It’s pretty terrifying to hear that noise, being that high up, like a 747 jet airliner crashing into a building nearby. On our descent we got to glissade once again, which is always awesome. This glissade was icy, bumpy, and left one hell of a bruise on my right cheek. Worth it.

Hertz Donut

We ended the day at the beautiful Lake Virginia at mile 891.8. We had traveled by boat, hiked through rivers, trudged through miles of snow, slid on our asses down a snow-slide in the Sierra, and ended the day walking through a knee-high inlet. A beautiful day indeed.

Lake Virginia

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