Day 82: Oh Lovely Trail, Take Me Home

Miles 891.4 – 906.6

July 7th, 2017

It was January, 2006 and I had just graduated from High School. I had decided, along with six of my closest friends, that our first step into adulthood would best be spent up in Mammoth Lakes – an amazing mid-sized mountain town. What an amazing time it was in my life, we all worked for the ski resort and lived in a small apartment perfectly equipped for young people with only one concern: snowboarding.


2006 Butt’rs, not too much has changed . .


Flash forward almost twelve years, and I was on a path that was taking me from Mexico straight into the backyard of my old home. Over nine hundred miles later I was reuniting with an old friend, both figuratively and literally since a good amount of my old friends still lived in Mammoth. I spent the first half of the day hiking and texting along the way, trying to line up some old buddies to meet up and maybe grab a few beers with. It just so happened that two of my best friends were getting married, in town, the very next day. Perfect timing I’d have to say, for one hungry hiker to fill up on some wedding cake.



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