Day 84: S’more of What?

Mammoth Lakes – Mile 907

July 9th, 2017

As much I love Mammoth Lakes, I was ready to get back to my new home. Every moment I walked on the Pacific Crest Trail was something new; nothing was ever repeated and was different from one moment to the next. The trees, the creeks, the views . . everything was constantly evolving, and so was I. Becoming stronger than I’ve ever been before felt good, I was beginning to feel like I could run up and down these Sierra peaks with ease.

Today would be a short hike, we just wanted to get back on trail so we could wake up the next day and really get moving. We took the side trail by Horseshoe Lake back to the PCT at mile 903.3, where we maybe went a few miles up-trail to a really nice spot by a creek. I was dealing with a new pain, something I hadn’t felt in the previous nine-hundred miles. Because I wore flip-flops at the wedding the day prior my feet had dried up, so badly in fact that the soles of my feet were cracking and beginning to bleed. Each and every step was painful, it felt as if every time my foot landed on the ground the cracks were spreading wide open. It was no fun and I was concerned that because I my feet are in my shoes all day that the healing process would take a long time. The only thing that kept my mind off of this was knowing that Dixie had packed out some marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey’s chocolate to make S’mores by the fire at camp. It’s the little things . .

Jessica Mills, AKA Dixie, AKA homemadewanderlust

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