Day 87: A Bent Tent

Miles 942.5 – 951.1

July 12th, 2017

I decided to sleep in on this particular morning, well past the time that everybody else had gotten up. We camped just up the road from the Mobile Mart, on a small grassy field located in the center of a roundabout dirt road with car camping spots along the outer edges, overlooking Mono Lake. We noticed the night prior that there were sprinkler heads in this grassy patch so we asked the employees about if or when they would turn on, and they casually assured us that they don’t turn on until the middle of each day. Of course, at around 8:30am, as I was lay there half-asleep in my tent and as the sun was just coming up and over the hills to the east, I heard the horrific sound of sprinklers popping above ground. Complete and utter chaos ensued. I got up in a flash, threw my pack and random belongings out fifteen-feet or so onto the street, and dragged my tent and everything that was left inside the tent through the grass forgetting to take out the tent stakes, almost snapping the frame into a few pieces. I was now the proud new owner of a bent tent, but at least my friends got quite the kick out of what happened to me, narrowly avoiding the disaster themselves. I went from calmly resting to pandemonium, from dry and cool to cold and sopping wet all within the matter of a second; from a resting rate of 50 BPM to 160 real quick.


Whoa Nellie Deli


We hung around the Mobile Mart and Whoa Nellie Deli until around 2 pm, eating multiple lunches and resupplying on a few different items there in the stations general store. We split the group up into two hitches, with Dixie and I again looking for a ride back up into Tuolumne Meadows on our own. We were picked up by three kids who just had finished up a five-day acid trip in Yosemite perched up on top of some rock, or so the story goes. I wasn’t listening intently, I was more focused on how this kid was driving like he was Jeff Gordon on these winding mountain roads, sitting on the edge of my seat a few breaths away from allowing my inner grandpa to come out and tell this kid to slow the hell down! We got back to the trail, hiked only for eight-ish miles and decided to call it quits at a random tent-site we had come across. We had packed out some pizza and a small thing of whiskey earlier from the Mobile, so we were in good company.


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